Trusted and secured online payment methods


If you are a entrepreneur or a freelancer you might have seen numerous payment methods on internet for purchasing products and services of different platforms such as Fiverr, upwork, Freelancer, forex and etc. But you might be wondering to select which are the secured and trusted online payments systems to pay for services or withdraw money to your bank accounts. The following list makes your decision easy.

1. Payoneer – my most trusted online payment system

My blog started on 2010. I am working as a Freelancer on different platforms from 2012. For all those years my best friend in payments is the Payoneer. So far I made over $70,000 withdrawals through Payoneer payment system without any hassle. The platform is very easy to use, secured and trusted.

According to Wikipedia as of 2019, company employed approximately 1200 employees and served more than 4 million customers world wide. The headquarter of Payoneer is located in New York. In 2019 company was valued at over $1 billion. There are 14 offices around the world for its network.

The terms and conditions of Payoneer is not harsh as of some other payment methods. Specially not as PayPal. Therefore it is easy for its customers to withdraw their money in to their bank accounts. The charger and commissions are pretty reasonable when comparing to other famous payment systems. Therefore more and customers attracting to payoneer daily.

Payoneer supports different currencies to keep the money within the system. The system offers different wallets for the each wallet. Payoneer makes it easy for professionals to collect payments from their global clients.

Payoneer have a great reward system too. When you use our link to join, you will receive $25 free. However, irrespective of the rewards they provide, I feel they are the most trusted and secured payment we have for online payments.


  • Easy to use and secured
  • Can receive global payments
  • Easy to integrate with any local bank accounts
  • Available for several cross boarder countries
  • Great affiliate system


  • Delay in respond to customers

2. Paypal – very secured but terrible in withdrawals

If you are using a payment for paying products, this is the best secured payment system. But if you are looking to receive money, I advice you not to use Paypal. There are thousands of restrictions in Paypal. Specially paypal has restricted money receiving facility for some countries.

The commissions are very reasonable but the service is not that sharp. For minor reasons you might get your account restricted. But I want to stress that they are very concern about the security of their system.


  • Secure payments
  • Reasonable amount of commissions
  • Diverse financing options
  • Extensive online and in-person payment solutions
  • More merchant support features
  • Strong Invoicing Features
  • Mobile-friendly Payment Solutions


  • Delayed refunds
  • Very poor customer service
  • Popular targets for phishing
  • Expensive for International Payments
  • No Offline Payment Processing

3. Stripe – Payment gateway software solution supports a range of payments

If you are dealing with subscription management and recurrent billing then strip would be a nice solution.